Mat Yoga

(For All Levels)

Hot Flow


Come sweat it out with us in a 30-degree Celsius infrared heated room. This class is inspired by Bikram yoga and Iyengar yoga in which we practise in a hot but silent room (no background music). Teacher gives minimal cues on the poses, which gives the opportunity to turn our attention inwards and experience a more meditative practice. Nothing feels better than ending the day with a sweaty class.

Ashtanga Mysore

Ashtanga is the original form of dynamic yoga. It is a system of combining Breath and Movement into a sequence of postures in a controlled and synchronised way. This synchronicity of movement from posture to posture is what we call Vinyasa. It draws upon the body to build strength as well as develop flexibility for an all-round balanced practice.

The word ‘Ashtanga’ literally means ‘8 Limbs’ (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi) and it looks to connect all of these together in a single yoga practice.


'Mysore style' is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga in a guided self practice format. Students are individually taught the Ashtanga sequences and empowered to repeat and memorise them. Once a student is comfortable with a pose (or group of poses), the teacher will advance them further through the practice. This allows each student to develop their practice at their own level and pace gradually advancing to more challenging asana.

tips: Mysore class is currently available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning (from 22nd August) and you can join the class anytime between 6.30am and 8.30am. The Nicholas Building can be early accessed via the Subway store.


Alignment focuses on poses (asana) through clear and intelligent alignment, building strength and ultimately creating a thorough understanding of each pose through the use of props, partner work and drills. Poses are held longer to build strength and explore alignment whilst keeping the internal heat with a vinyasa between sides to maintain the breath. Full inversions, arm balances and backbends may be explored in this luxuriously longer 75-minute class.

Jowing Zhang in a Yoga Balancing Pose at Little Mandarin Yoga Studio
Jowing Zhang in a Yoga Balancing Pose Goddess Pose at Little Mandarin

Vinyasa Flow

Integrate alignment, movement, core-strength, and awareness through Vinyasa Flow. Keep the body fully engaged in the present moment through this moving meditation by synchronising breath with movement and becoming strong and resilient both on and off the mat. By focusing on breath leading the movement, we learn to quiet the mind and stay in the present moment.

Designed to warm your body though moderate pacing and subtle reminders to move from your centre, activate the energetic and literal centre of your balance and strength through this invigorating practice!