Aerial Yoga

Aerial Flow

(Recommended for students with some yoga experience)

Aerial Flow combines traditional asanas with the use of a hammock. The hammock reduces the effects of gravity and stress in the joints and the spine; it also helps to build upper body and core strength and provides a medium for deep relaxation. Students are advised to wear tops with sleeves to protect the skin from rubbing against the fabric. In some classes, additional gear with handle bars may be used to aid the alignment of certain yoga postures. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

Suitable for students with some yoga experience looking for an invigorating practice. Supported inversions and advanced postures may be introduced, with options for beginner students to ease the transition.

Please note that it is necessary to arrive 15 minutes before class so the hammock height can be adjusted to an appropriate level. 

Aerial Yogi Flying in Golden Silk at Little Mandarin GIF
Aerial Yoga and Upside Down at Little Mandarin GIF
Aerial Yogi Flying in Golden Silk at Little Mandarin GIF

Aerial Core (New Class)

Aerial Core is a non-traditional class format that focuses on building core stability through the engagement of our deep frontal line and not just the superficial layers of our abs. Your core is more than just your abs (read more here)! Through this express 45-minute class, you will build strength through both basic and challenging repetition, drills and manoeuvres using the aerial hammock. In some classes, additional accessories such as handlebars may be used to increase the fun.

Expect to sweat and groan with lots of laughter sprinkled between. It may only be 45-minutes long but trust us – you won’t want any longer than that! Suitable for students with some experience of aerial yoga and can help build confidence and strength to transition to our aerial flow classes and is complementary to your traditional mat practice.


Aerial Intro

Aerial Intro classes are designed for anyone who is new to yoga or aerial yoga. Students usually take 3-5 Intro classes before they move to Aerial Flow and Aerial Core classes. Check the timetable here for booking your classes.