Hi, we are Little Mandarin. We simply love mandarins because they are considered a lucky fruit. The mandarin looks like the sun and is aligned with the yang (positive) principle, thus being a highly auspicious symbol of abundance and happiness. We want to create a tranquil space and nurturing environment where you are encouraged to explore the depths of your personal yoga journey within a welcoming community. 

We offer aerial yoga in addition to mat-based yoga classes all in one convenient and central location.

We welcome everyone,

no matter whether you are new to yoga or a regular yoga practitioner.

"Practice and all is coming" - Sri K. Patthabi Jois

2018 is the Year of The Dog. Let's go upward-facing dog! We celebrate the Lunar New Year this month. The celebration is all about reunions, family and sharing good fortune. Let’s embrace Melbourne’s cultural diversity together! Find out more about how you can join us in one of our Lunar New Year events or workshop this month, or learn more about the symbols and tradition below. If you picked up a red packet from the studio or one of our partners, be sure to click here for more info on how to redeem the Little Mandarin scratch card code and reveal the discount inside (discounts vary so you might be lucky and receive an extra awesome one)!