Little Mandarin | Jowing Zhang

I used to work as a graphic designer. Initially starting yoga only to increase my flexibility, I found myself gravitating towards the physical practice, but soon I became drawn to the deeper meditative and spiritual roots of yoga. Since then, I have taken a strong interest in Eastern medicine and philosophy.

I practiced many forms of Yoga including Hatha yoga, Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Flow yoga and Anusara yoga. I felt honoured to have attended so many workshops and teacher trainings, learning from teachers such as Mark Elsner, Richard Freeman, Duncan Wang, Lance Schuler, Patrick Creelman, Paul Danllaghan, Simon Borg-Olivier, Anna Forrest and Meghan Currie.

I have been teaching for more than 9 years so far with a strong knowledge of fundamental Yoga Anatomy. I am good at providing hands-on student adjustments and making students feel good by helping them align individually in the class. I also enjoy sharing my yoga practice experience with others and building a therapeutic relationship with my students. My yoga classes guide students through a smooth flow of vinyasa style asana which develops strength, balance, consistency and form to deepen the strength and flexibility relationship within the body. Students are encouraged to move in an explorative way to connect with their own body in a simultaneously structured yet creative way.

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