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Pick Up The Special Red Packet Gifts

Starting from the first day of the Lunar New Year (Friday, Feb 16), we will be gifting special Lunar New Year red packets at the studio and various convenient locations. Find our red packets at Lululemon Emporium, Thr1ve Collins Place and Nimble Activewear Armadale.


Red packets are traditionally given out during the Lunar New Year celebrations as it is believed to ward off bad luck and share blessings with others. Whether you celebrate Lunar New Year or not, come be a part of the Lunar New Year festivities and embrace Melbourne’s cultural diversity with us!

BONUS: If you were born in the Year of The Dog, great! We are celebrating your year! Find a staff member at the studio or one of our partners' store to receive a little something extra special. All you have to do is present some form of ID that has your year of birth on it (such as driver's license or student card). Please check the following date ranges to see whether your Chinese zodiac animal sign is a "DOG".