6-Week Beginners Yoga Course

"Building Blocks"


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What’s included in the price?

  • Six 1.5-hour dedicated course classes;

  • Unlimited access to regularly scheduled mat yoga classes over the duration of the 6-week course;

  • Detailed course review notes with pose infographics, and personalised tips/advice emailed out each week after class;

  • Dedicated Facebook group for additional material and support; and

  • BONUS: Receive one free aerial yoga pass to attend any of our aerial yoga classes if you share your experience or leave us a review towards the end of the course!

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Course Outline

 Beginners Yoga Course at Little Mandarin Yoga Studio

Week 1: Staying Grounded – Standing Postures

Week 2: Folding and Wringing It Out – Forward folds and Twists

Week 3: The Subtle Art of Balancing – Balancing Postures

Week 4: Airing Out the Heart – Heart Openers

Week 5: Building Strength Intelligently – Upper body and Core

Week 6: Putting It All Together – Sun Salutations

The detailed course outline will be emailed for preview before the course starts

Course Reviews


The Building Blocks 6-week course is transformational! If you are a beginner, or want to really cement the proper technique for the foundation of all yoga poses then I would highly recommend this course!
Kelly is an amazing teacher, she always brings the most calm, nurturing and non-judgmental energy into the studio! I honestly could not recommend the Building Blocks course, or Little Mandarin enough!!

Toni Hodkinson


I highly recommend 6-week foundation yoga course. Before I started the beginner's course, I went to normal yoga classes there straight away without knowing anything. I felt doing yoga was like doing basic Pilates. But after I went through the course with Kelly, learning things such as different breathing techniques, how to do correct postures by using strength of different body parts and so on, it really helps me to understand the working principles behind. I now can actually make an effort by applying those techniques.This is truly an excellent course for learners just into Yoga.

QAQ Nagi


Love the studio and the people here. I'm taking the foundation yoga course which teaches you the poses and how to do them properly. I'm learning so much and Kelly, who teaches the class, is just so knowledgeable, kind and welcoming ! Highly recommended 🤗

Emma Takacs


I started off with an introductory offer for 2 weeks and it changed my entire perspective of yoga. I used to think yoga was just about flexibility until I found later that it requires a lot of body awareness and strength. I then signed up for the 6 weeks beginner course because I wanted to learn more about the foundation of each pose and how to do them properly rather than just following through what I see in class. I find it so helpful because I can put them into practice and have a safe progressing journey with actual benefits and not injuring myself because of doing the pose wrong. Instructors are absolutely engaging and they're the main reason I'm looking forward to coming back to the studio. Kelly, especially is a sweetheart. Her cues are very clear and she would always demonstrate in class. She would also walk around during class to allign your body, which I find really important for muscle memory and knowing which muscle to activate for a pose. She's definitely one of the reasons why i am drawn to Little Mandarin studio.

Dory Samy


Love the team at Little Mandarin. Knowledge, patient, passionate, and personal. Currently doing the yoga foundation course with Kelly, and have learnt so much dissecting posses to do them properly, as well as having a whole lot of fun! The course comes with very useful notes/slides and feedback which I found very useful to reinforce learnings. Would recommend =)

Alex Quan


I cannot recommend the 6-week yoga basics course strongly enough. I learned the fundamentals of yoga through our instructor, Kelly, who is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and an all around nice person. I was greeted like an old friend when I arrived, the studio is beautiful and spotless, and it was always set up and ready to go. There was time to ask questions and when we practiced the moves, Kelly was there to make sure we were approaching every move correctly. I was challenged in this course to try moves I just didn't think I could do...but I could!
Best use of my money and time I've made in a long time. I am considering doing the course again to keep learning. Thanks again Kelly and my fellow students!!

Kirstin Young


Currently taking the foundational yoga course and I am learning so much from my instructor Kelly! It’s always such a great atmosphere coming into class and the information we learn on every pose is so helpful in my own practice outside of the class! Really great class if you’re brand new to yoga or have been going to classes for a while! 10/10

Stephanie Zajicek