Mat Yoga

(For All Levels)

Ashtanga Basics

Ashtanga is the original form of dynamic yoga. It is a system of combining Breath and Movement into a sequence of postures in a controlled and synchronised way. This synchronicity of movement from posture to posture is what we call Vinyasa. It draws upon the body to build strength as well as develop flexibility for an all-round balanced practice.

The word ‘Ashtanga’ literally means ‘8 Limbs’ (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi) and it looks to connect all of these together in a single yoga practice.

Alignment Flow

Alignment Flow focuses on poses (asana) through clear and intelligent alignment, building strength and ultimately creating a thorough understanding of each pose as well as on maintaining the flowing movement in tandem with the breath. Full inversions, arm balances and backbends may be included in this class.

 Jowing Zhang in a Yoga Balancing Pose at Little Mandarin Yoga Studio
 Jowing Zhang in a Yoga Balancing Pose Goddess Pose at Little Mandarin

Yin Yang Flow

Yin(阴) and Yang(阳) are opposite energies. Yin Yoga places emphasis on stillness and stability whilst Yang Yoga emphasises movement and mobility. Both yin and yang energy co-exist in our body and are constantly flowing relative to one another in balance. However, sometimes our energies become imbalanced due to too much of one type of energy. Yin Yang Flow helps balance the two energies to bring our body back to a harmonious state.

Yin Yang Flow will challenge your body and mind in two different ways and you will leave the class feeling energised, yet peaceful. Experience the best of both worlds in this integrative yoga practice! Suitable for all levels of practitioners.


Integrate alignment, movement, core-strength, and awareness through Flow. Keep the body fully engaged in the present moment through this moving meditation by synchronising breath with movement and becoming strong and resilient both on and off the mat. By focusing on breath leading the movement, we learn to quiet the mind and stay in the present moment.

Designed to warm your body though moderate pacing and subtle reminders to move from your centre, activate the energetic and literal centre of your balance and strength through this invigorating practice!


 Beautiful Aerial Yoga Picture at Little Mandarin Half Hanumasana

Aerial Flow

(Recommended for students with some yoga experience)

Aerial Flow combines traditional asanas with the used of a hammock. The hammock reduces the effects of gravity and stress in the joints and the spine; it also helps to build upper body and core strength and provides a medium for deep relaxation. Students are advised to wear tops with sleeves to protect the skin from rubbing against the fabric. In some classes, additional gear with handle bars may be used to aid the alignment of certain yoga postures. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

Suitable for students with some yoga experience looking to have an invigorating practice. Some supported inversions and advanced postures may be introduced, with options for beginner students to ease the transition.

Please note that it is necessary to arrive 15 minutes early before class so the hammock height can be adjusted to an appropriate level. 

 Aerial Yogi Flying in Golden Silk at Little Mandarin GIF
 Aerial Yoga and Upside Down at Little Mandarin GIF
 Aerial Yogi Flying in Golden Silk at Little Mandarin GIF

Aerial Intro

Aerial Intro is designed for anyone who is new to yoga or aerial yoga.