Little Mandarin | Angélique Liao

I found yoga when I was a stressed out student at law school. Yoga helped me bring balance back to my life and obtain peace of mind. I've been practising yoga rigorously ever since.

After becoming a lawyer for a very short while and exploring a few alternative career paths (including running my startup in Shanghai), traveling abroad and living in different places, I realised that the only thing I've never lost interest in is yoga.

Yoga to me is not an exercise, rather it's my lifestyle; my spiritual sadhana. I'm also passionate about blogging anything yoga, meditation and spirituality related articles and writing spiritual poems. In my spare time, I like to organise yoga retreats around the world.

I did my Yoga teacher training course in India. I have a keen interest in yoga philosophy.

I like to blend a bit of meditation, yoga Nidra and yoga philosophy in my classes to help students obtain maximum benefits of the practice and also make the class a bit more interesting.

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